General Injury – Professor Peter Abrahams

As an NHS medical practitioner of 40 years and a professor of clinical anatomy who teaches and examines physiotherapists and surgeons, I can honestly say that over the last 10 years when I and my family members have needed physiotherapy treatment we have always gone to see Martin Clitheroe at Mill Lane. As an experienced physiotherapist who always examines and treats me very professionally, I have been most impressed with his knowledgeability and caring, professional attitude- explaining to me exactly his treatment plan and exercises to do between appointments. Both my wife, who is also a local GP, and myself have referred many patients to his clinic with no hesitation. Thank you Martin for many years of excellent service.

Professor Peter Abrahams

Neck Injury – Sangita

Thank you for helping me with my neck. I actually slept this week and feel much better. The numbness has gone in my hand and I can now turn my head to park the car. Much appreciated.


General Injury – Jenny

I was continuously getting niggles when running and was recommended this clinic by a friend. They managed to address the underlying cause and developed a program of recovery and graded me back to running in time for the Paris marathon. Thank you.


Knee Injury – Matthew

When I was suffering from a severe knee problem which left me on crutches I was having trouble obtaining a diagnosis. I was referred by my GP to West Hampstead Physiotherapy for an assessment. Within three intensive appointments and an exercise programme the problem was diagnosed and resolved. I would not hesitate in recommending them to all. The clinic was well run and appointments conveniently arranged, great local healthcare!!


Back Injury – Amina

I wanted to let you know what wonderful staff you have at the clinic. My life is a bit hectic for many personal reasons and the receptionist was fantastic at helping me find the right times and the therapist was very knowledgeable and made small recommendations to my daily routine (alongside my treatment) that really helped alleviate my back pain. Thank you.


Achilles Injury – Dominic

Friendly and efficient practice. I am very grateful for the treatment I received which has helped considerably with an Achilles injury. Highly recommended.


Shoulder Injury – Simon

Just a quick note to let you know I no longer need therapy. I am 100% better! Swimming shoulders back to work. Thank you for your help and hope to see you at Dorney Lake soon!


Arm & Back Injury – Elaine

I was given exercises which have helped to strengthen my arm and back, and by the end of three course treatment I would say that I am 80% better. I can now lift heavy bags (which I was finding difficult to do) and can also do my yoga class which I was finding very difficult. They also taught me how to use my core and this has also been a great help.


General Injury – Mary

Thank you so much for your help. Your clinic is a local gem. Your staff are friendly, knowledgeable and they actually listened to me and wanted to help. Felt like I was part of the process and not just another patient. Forever grateful.


Calf Injury – Prita

I was having trouble with my calf, that wasn’t resolving from the advice from my GP. I went to this clinic and they diagnosed a complete rupture of the calf and sent me back to my GP with a letter recommending an urgent orthopaedic opinion. I returned to the clinic for rehab after the op. Without their help I may not have gained back my active lifestyle, ever! Professional and friendly, a rarity these days. Thank you.


General Injury – Sarah L

I cannot recommend West Hampstead Physiotherapy highly enough. It is a professional clinic but has a friendly, personable feel about it. I got a detailed analysis of my injuries and we set about creating a treatment programme and exercises to both aid recovery and prevent further long term issues. Would highly recommend the Practice.

Sarah L

Rotator Cuff Injury – Ash G

I went to this place yesterday for my rotator cuff injury. Whatever she did helped so much. For the first time I was able to sleep on my shoulder with no pain!

Ash G

Back Injury – Sarah V

Thank you for all your hard work and patience in treating my back. Your help has allowed me to return back to dancing which I am forever grateful

Sarah V

Shoulder Injury – Gary

I could barely lift my shoulder above my head & pain also made it very difficult to sleep at night. Great staff from receptionist to the physio. After several sessions of stretching & strengthening my shoulder, the improvement was miraculous. Since then I've kept up with the few exercises at home & my shoulder is now good as new!


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