The shoulder joint is a multi-axial ball and socket joint and therefore primarily relies on muscular control for it’s stability. Muscle, tendon and capsular problems are therefore common in the shoulder. They can be caused by one off trauma or continuous low level microtrauma brought about by overuse or repetitive malalignment issues. If you suffer from any of the following symptoms you may need to come to see us. This may include:

  • pain when lifting the arm above head height
  • pain when lying on the arm
  • difficulty getting dressed especially jackets, blouses and shirts
  • pain on lifting weights or swimming
  • gradually increasing pain at the end of the work day
  • constant low-level pain
  • Many neck issues can also refer into the shoulder and may be experienced as pins and needles, sharp shooting pain down the arm and shoulder pain on neck movement

Potential Diagnosis

Shoulder impingement
Rotator cuff tendinitis/tendinosis
Rotator cuff rupture
Post-surgical rotator cuff repair
Frozen shoulder

Potential Diagnosis

Sub-acromial bursitis
Acromioclavicular sprain (AC joint)
Shoulder dislocation
Post –surgical acromioplasty
Shoulder arthritis

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