The foot and ankle are your first point of contact with the ground. They therefore have to be very adaptable in taking impact, changing direction and controlling your balance. They do this through subtle interplay between the  6 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. If you are experiencing any of the following pain then we can help:

  • Pain under the heel on waking or prolonged walking,
  • pain on pushing off when walking or running,
  • instability and rolling the ankle on walking or sport,
  • pain under the ball of the foot or big toe,
  • catching pain on the front or back of the ankle on movement

Potential Diagnosis

Achilles tendinitis / tendinosis
Plantar fasciitis
Lateral or medial Ligament sprain
Tibialis posterior strain
Post -surgical Achilles or calf repair

Potential Diagnosis

Morton’s neuroma
Posterior impingement of the ankle
Shin splints or Anterior compartment syndrome
Peroneal strain or instability

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