In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we have taken advice from our professional body, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and formulated the following guidance that patients who come into clinic need to adhere too and agree to at all times.
We will list our priorities to assure you we are doing all we can to minimise cross infection and your role within this

Our Role

  • To provide hand sanitser in the reception area for patients to use
  • To provide masks for patients at cost price should they not have one when they enter the clinic
  • There will be no clinic receptionist at present to meet social distancing rules
  • There will be no magazines in the reception area
  • All furniture and equipment used will be disinfected after each patient’s treatment.
  • We will alternate rooms between patients, when possible to minimise the effects of any lingering air particles
  • There will be 10 minute gaps between appointments to minimise patient cross over in reception
  • The therapists will wear protective masks, gloves and aprons where appropriate throughout the treatment
  • If the therapists need to remove their gloves for any treatment they will wash their hands and use hand sanitiser before and after the treatment
  • Patients will be asked to pay for treatment through bank transfer where appropriate to minimise the use of the card machine
  • When possible all windows will be open to allow flow-through of air in the clinic space at all times
  • Staff will not shake your hand

Your Role

  • If you have a temperature or symptoms or have been asked to self isolate through track and trace please do not come into clinic
  • With the exception of children and carers, patients should attend their appointment alone
  • Turn up to your appointment no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment time to minimise chance of crossover in reception. If other patients are in clinic please try to keep to the 2m social distancing
  • Wear gloves and face mask whilst in the clinic space
  • Should you need to use the WC please wash your hands after and re-apply the hand sanitiser
  • Please do not arrive without an appointment
  • We may ask you to pay via bank transfer or Stripe before your appointment to minimise the use of the card machine

Whilst we endeavour to minimise the risk of contracting coronavirus in clinic by implementing these changes, we are aware that like all the measures at the moment, that they are not a guarantee.and the choice to book is ultimately up to you.

Thank you

Yours Sincerely
Martin Clitheroe
Owner West Hampstead Physiotherapy