Back pain can be either in the lower back (Lumbar) or middle back (Thoracic pain). Low back pain affects 60-70% of people in western societies. Over the decades the causes have shifted from primarily high load injuries due to heavy lifting in more manual labour to more low load injuries caused by prolonged sitting postures. Pain in the LBP, Hip and sacroiliac joint can often be interlinked and symptoms may overlap. It is our job to diagnose the primary source of pain and come up with a working hypothesis and treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms. The majority of back pain eases within 6 weeks with low level exercises, gradually changing position and managing the pain. However if it persists and you experience any of the following symptoms then we can help:

  • Pain in the centre of the lower back on standing from sitting, walking or prolonged sitting
  • Pain and stiffness in the back first thing in the morning with an inability to put on your socks
  • Pain on one side of the back with activity or at rest
  • Pain referring down into the hip, groin or front or back of the leg
  • Episodes of back pain that are getting closer and closer together
  • Pain on deep breathing, sneezing or coughing

Potential Diagnosis

Disc herniation / bulge
Facet joint dysfunction / pain
Lumbar instability
Stress fracture or pars interarticularis

Potential Diagnosis

Muscle strain in the back
Trigger points in the back
Sacroiliac joint pain / dysfunction
Hip pathology

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