The elbow is hinge joint and is integral to the working of the upper limb, working in unison with the shoulder and hand. Damage and pain in this area can therefore have a large impact on your day to day functional activities. If you have any of the following symptoms, we can help:

  • Pain at the elbow when gripping objects or making a fist
  • Pain when playing racket sports or golf
  • Pain on the back of the elbow
  • Shooting pain down the forearm and into the hand
  • Pain following a fall or trauma to the elbow

Potential Diagnosis

Tennis elbow
Golfer’s elbow
Posterior impingement
Triceps Tendinopathy
Supinator muscle strain
Medial nerve entrapment
Brachialis muscle strain

Potential Diagnosis

Olecranon bursitis
Degeneration of the ulnar humeral head
Lateral or medial ligament sprain
Radial head subluxation
Biceps tendinopathy or muscle strain
Ulnar nerve entrapment

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