Neck Pain can arise either as a cause of trauma (like whiplash and higher impact sports) or non-traumatic causes (like posture, sleeping or repetitive movements). It can be localised to the neck  either centrally or on one side of the neck with pain sometimes referring down into the trapezius area, the shoulder and  / or down the arm into the hand. It can also be a cause of headaches and migraines. If you experience an of the following symptoms we can help:

  • Pain in the forehead or headaches
  • Pain on one side of the when you look left or right
  • Pain on one side of the neck or in the middle of the neck when you look up or down
  • Pins and needles in the arm or hand
  • Loss of strength in the hand or arm
  • General stiffness in the neck
  • Sudden pain after sleeping

Potential Diagnosis

Wry’ Neck
Osteoarthritis (OA of the neck)
Disc herniation / disc bulge
Muscle imbalance / instability

Potential Diagnosis

Facet Joint dysfunction
Acute Torticollis
Myofascial Trigger Point pain
‘Trapped’ nerve
Stingers/burners which involves injuries to the Brachial plexus

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