Sports massage

Sports Massage is the term applied to the discipline of using massage for the specific benefit of all sports and exercise participants. It covers the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the soft tissues of the body e.g. muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissue that are caused from repetitive and strenuous physical activity and trauma. The application of sports massage, prior to and after exercise, may enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury.

Sports massage is performed by our Sports specific physiotherapists.

Therapeutic massage

Based in clinical, professional practice, therapeutic massage is a good way to improve your quality of life and can be suitable to aid relaxation or to treat many problems, including muscular pain, injuries, tension, stiffness, stress and insomnia. Usually a full-body treatment, however, the session can be tailored to the areas that need most work: often the shoulders, back or legs. Therapeutic massage may also be a relaxing, stress relieving treatment and is suitable for people without specific problems.

Therapeutic massage can be used to achieve specific health benefits. Patients often come into the clinic with specific areas of tightness or discomfort caused by a range of issues like posture, stress or overworking specific areas by repetitive movements of everyday activities. The therapist will work towards achieving the outcome you want by doing a brief assessment and discussion with you before the session and working to achieve your specific goal of reduced tension in your problem area.

What to expect

The therapist will ask you if you have any underlying conditions or specific sore parts to be aware of. If you do, please inform the therapist before the session. The massage therapist will need to have access to the body part or parts so please where appropriate clothing. All the therapists are either approved physiotherapists or massage therapists, so you can be reassured, that it is a professional service. Please bring some water along as some patients can feel dehydrated as they leave the clinic. Sports massages are often deeper than therapeutic massage. If it is your first time with a therapist, do not hesitate in saying please go deeper or can you go a bit lighter please. Overtime the therapist will become use to what you need as a patient and adjust their treatment accordingly.

How many sessions will I have?

This depends on you. Many patients book once or twice a month for maintenance of specific troublesome postural tightness, while others just need a one off massage, following, or leading up to a specific event. Other people like distance runners and triathletes pre-book massages as they hit their high training weeks to prevent tightness from developing and to allow them to continue following their training plan unhindered. We never push unnecessary treatments just recommend options for you. It is up to you how you proceed.

How much will it cost?

Sports Massage (30 Minutes)

  • £35

Sports Massage (45 Minutes)

  • £54

Therapeutic Massage (60 Minutes)

  • £60

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