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Meet Rudi Rudi
RudiSpecialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Pilates for Pregnancy Practitioner
Meet Josh Josh
JoshSpecialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
Meet Inge Inge
IngeSpecialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Martin Owner and Principle Physiotherapist

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Martin qualified in 1996 from the University of Hertfordshire and is the owner and principle physiotherapist of West Hampstead Physiotherapy which has been established since 2007. Previous to this, he worked as clinical lead within Brent were he taught multiple workshops to GP’s in Brent on assessment and first line care or musculoskeletal injury. He also assessed and redesigned musculoskeletal services across the borough. Alongside this, he gained numerous post-graduate qualifications in spinal manipulation, advanced shoulder and spinal assessment and rehabilitation, soft tissue release techniques, adverse neural dynamics, functional core stability as well as obtaining a post-graduate certificate in Sports injury and exercise management from Leeds Metropolitan University. He has also previously taught at Brunel University and presented at the Indian Association National Annual Conference on spinal stability rehabilitation. As part of a drive to reach people who may not be able to access services easily on the NHS he also obtained a PgCert in Autism and education to understand children and adults on the autistic spectrum and the specific issues to consider in formulating a treatment plan with them.

Through his years of working as a clinician, he has worked with hundreds of patients and athletes with neck and back pain, sciatica, sports-related injuries, patients following ACL reconstruction, shoulder surgery and many other conditions. His attitude is that physiotherapy is a ‘practice’ it is something that you continually develop, keep-up-to-date with and modify to the patient sat in front of you. Success is always a joint effort between the therapist and the patient. Outside of work, Martin is a keen distance swimmer, triathlete, trains in mixed martial arts, reads and likes to spend time with his family.


Rudi Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Pilates for Pregnancy Practitioner

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Rudi qualified in physiotherapy with honours in 2012 from Brunel University and has been working in the private practice ever since; seeing patients with everything from sports injuries, back pain, whiplash to postural pain and post-operative rehabilitation. She holds post graduate qualifications in Pilates and specialist clinical Pilates in Pregnancy. Rudi uses her post graduate training in acupuncture, alongside her manual skills, neural mobilisations, stability and progressive strength and conditioning knowledge for injury rehabilitation.

She has a keen interest in psychology and the psychosocial factors that influence pain presentation and is studying part time in psychodynamic counselling. She incorporates this knowledge alongside her other skills to provide a holistic approach to chronic pain and when managing patients to return to sporting activity at any level.

Outside of work she spends her time baking, doing yoga, and enjoys everything crafty and creative.


Josh Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

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Josh graduated with a degree in Physiotherapy from Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh). Since then he has been practicing as a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist in GP practices and in private practice. Previous to this he worked as a specialist physiotherapist in the NHS musculoskeletal department. Through this, he has gained a wealth of experience within the discipline of musculoskeletal physiotherapy.
Josh keeps up to date with the most current evidence based treatment techniques and has a commitment to provide the best treatment experiences for his patients. He believes that every individual unique and that one’s problem can be multifactorial. He also believes that one’s mindset and physical wellbeing are strongly interlinked. To achieve results, he uses various modalities such as; manipulations, medical acupuncture, dry needling, electrotherapy, myofascial release as well as a collaboratively tailored rehabilitation program. He is also a certified sleep science coach and is currently undergoing another degree in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.
He also has had experience working in the sport of rugby and football. Josh has also competed at a national level in swimming and previously been in the military. He understands the rigors of a robust training program, nutrition as well as having the appropriate mindset towards rehab.
Josh believes in a holistic approach towards achieving results and loves to help his patients achieve their goals. Outside of work he is a keen traveller and enjoys going to the gym

Inge Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

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Inge trained as a Chartered Physiotherapist in Bristol 20 years ago, with previous BSc Hon Physiology/ Pharmacology  at King’s London University  and  career in corporate health promotion ( setting up International services for companies such as Freshfields law firm, European Commission Brussels) Inge has vast experience.

Her assessment is thorough in order to identify the origin of your pain. She will explain it to you in a way you understand, deliver effective treatment (mobilisation, sports taping, ultrasound to accelerate tissue healing, trained in acupuncture but does not use needles here only acupressure). She designs short, effective bespoke exercise programmes and corrects maladaptive movement that may predispose you to injury in the future. Her approach if something is injured is not to put a ceiling on performance but to use biomechanical understanding to show you how the non-injured body/mind can support the part that needs to heal whilst maintaining optimal performance and minimal pain.

Having worked in London teaching hospitals such as the Royal Free (responsible for complex condition management services working alongside neck/back/hip/knee specialist clinics) as well as her previous role as  Clinical lead in a Westminster private physiotherapy practice working closely with Harley Street consultants, she is in a good position to help steer you through the labyrinth of health care and coordinate with other professionals. With over 30% of GP appointments reported as “medically unexplained, she has set up innovative graded therapy services in teams with immunologists and rheumatologists. These services have been involved in global research trials with a track record of effective treatment for chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia/burnout.

Her clients cover the whole spectrum – sedentary or active lifestyles, sportsmen (amateur to international level), old, young (children included), weary, demotivated or ready to go, everyone welcome. Sessions vary; sometimes people come once, others until their goals are met and others find they want to come more, as things they thought they’d have to live with start getting fixed – you decide!


Benjamin Physiotherapist (Back in clinic in October)

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Ben qualified from the University of Dunedin in New Zealand. He has worked extensively in the private musculoskeletal sector, treating a wide variety of conditions both in New Zealand and here in the UK. He has continued to progress his development by gaining post graduate qualifications in Orthopaedic manual therapy for the lower back, neck and lower and upper limb. In doing so he is able to utilise a multi-dimensional approach to patient care, to help alleviate your symptoms. He has also worked at the national touch rugby championships in New Zealand as well as for other rugby  teams in Dunedin.


Carmen Senior Physiotherapist

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Carmen is a Chartered Physiotherapist, graduating in 2009 from St George’s University in London. Following this she went on to work in patient care across several top London teaching hospitals before starting clinical research into the effects of exercise on lung disease.

Carmen recognises that pain is multifactorial and the impact that this can have on a person’s life. Her aim is always to improve overall quality of life. Carmen believes in the multitude of therapeutic benefits of manual therapy alongside regular movement to promote one’s natural strength and wellbeing. She also believes in the interactive relationship between mental wellbeing and physical rehabilitation. Carmen’s passions include ageing well and empowering the individual, promoting lifestyle changes that embody personal health and happiness. Carmen is skilled at teaching strength and conditioning at any age, improving functional movement, and incorporates Yoga as medicine into her practice.

Whatever your injury or concern, Carmen will provide a thorough assessment and an evidence-based treatment plan, all developed and based on your specific requirements. Where necessary she will be able to refer you on to the relevant expert. No matter what your needs, all treatments and physiotherapy will always be tailored to suit you, and your individual needs.

When not spending time with her two young children Carmen loves to cycle, hike, garden and practices yoga and Pilates

Tania Matos

Tania Matos Physiotherapist

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Tania studied Physiotherapy at King’s College London, graduating in 2011. Working in the NHS at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, Tania specialised in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy working with a range of conditions. She was able to utilise her background knowledge in the performing arts and her post-graduate training in Pilates to rehabilitate patients and devise programs to prevent injuries. Within the private sector, she has been able to combine this knowledge alongside manual techniques, soft tissue techniques, mobilisations and acupuncture to get the best results she can with her patients.

She has also worked in pain management, for patients with persistent pain, and uses her clinical reasoning skills and coaching skills to help problem-solve complex conditions and presentations. Tania has an all-around approach to helping patients and works with you to meet your specific goals. In her free time, Tania enjoys spending time with her young daughter, keeping active and painting portraits